Ex-Senator in n-tv early start: Sarrazin considers SPD duo "far overstrained"

              Thursday, 05. December 2019

              At the weekend, the SPD wants to elect Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans as their new chairmen. The controversial SPD member Thilo Sarrazin leaves at the two in n-tv early start not a good hair. Especially Walter-Borjans he attacked violently.
              The author and former Berlin Finance Senator Thilo Sarrazin considers the designated SPD leadership duo to be overburdened. "Norbert Walter Borjans has had some leadership offices – chamberlain in Cologne, finance minister in North Rhine-Westphalia – in all offices, he has not smeared with fame," said in-house controversial SPD member in n-tv early start. "Those who were able to see him directly, such as his officials, considered him a maximum loser." Saskia Esken had her highest office as deputy chairwoman of the Baden-Württemberg Provincial Advisory Council, "where she considered it her duty That's all she's experienced so far, "said Sarrazin in the n-tv Frühstart. He considers the SPD chairperson-designate "both from their experience and their attitudes, as well as beyond their capabilities." Sarrazin sees the leadership of the party as "a constant, continuous spiritual decline" in recent decades. , The quality of a party does not show who it has in its ranks, "but who it puts forward, if a party puts forward those who can not, it has a big internal problem," said Sarrazin. Sarrazin expects continuation of GroKoThe book author expects damage limitation from the SPD party convention next weekend. "I believe that the party congress will be dominated by the idea of ​​avoiding damage, because the new leadership knows that it can not force it to quit the GroKo, which only the Bundestag faction can do." The parliamentary group, which wants to carry on the majority, knows "that they are not allowed to present the new leadership, so some lame compromises will come out, according to the motto: We have to sharpen our profile, we have to become more visible, we want a little more have here and there, but that will not help, because the other side may not give way. "If the CDU / CSU now give in, they will alienate their conservative voters even more, Sarrazin believes. "So it's going to be tough, then it's about who's to blame, it's going to split, and in the end, no one will want to blame, so I suspect that this coalition will last for the next two years."

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