FC Bayern? BVB? Kai Havertz expresses himself to change rumors

Kai Havertz, who was hounded by numerous top European clubs, says he does not currently deal with a change of club in the summer. "To be honest, that interests me at zero percent. Because there are just too many important games to go ", the 20-year-old assured the press conference ahead of the decisive Champions League match against Juventus (from 9 pm in the live ticker):" I've often said: I'll do it take care if there is a possibility. "

Havertz is allegedly courted by clubs such as FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Liverpool FC. A change in the summer appears likely, Bayer hopes for a report of media revenue of up to 130 million euros. Above the Italian series champion Not listening to any of the games from Juventus, Turin was one of those interested or would be interesting to him, but I like to watch football and look at other leagues, "he said Great club with very good players, I can not say more. "

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