Fielmann: Seven suspects charged with optician millions for fraud

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
6:11 p.m.

The new company boss Marc Fielmann has to master the first crisis in his family business. The public prosecutor's office in Kiel has filed charges against seven suspects for commercial and gang fraud or for aid to the disadvantage of Fielmann, as the prosecution announced.


At the center of the allegations: An employee responsible for public relations at Fielmann as well as bosses and employees of two external companies. It is about a sports agency and a horticultural company, each of which should carry out marketing campaigns such as sponsoring and flocking of sports jerseys or planting trees for Fielmann.

The Fielmann employee is said to have spent and instructed a total of 6.5 million euros in company funds between 2012 and 2015. However, according to the public prosecutor, the allegedly carried out sponsorship and marketing measures "actually did not take place at all or not to the extent invoiced".

Bribed a bribe worth 370,000 euros?

  However, the public prosecutor accuses the employee who is said to have been responsible for the marketing projects at Fielmann for having been paid for by the PR service providers. "In return for the maintenance of the business relationship," he, his future wife and "numerous other people" are said to have received benefits from the man's environment. It was about high-quality travel, jewelry, electronics or craftsmanship. According to the Prosecution, the total is about € 370,000 in grants.

The prosecution also accuses the accused of commercial unfaithfulness as well as commercial bribery and bribery in the course of business to the disadvantage of Fielmann AG. It is open whether the District Court's Economic Criminal Court allows the indictment of a total of 1,400 cases.

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