Graceless: Celebrated Brazilian Thriller Series Launches RTL

 Up to 22 million viewers made the thriller series "Without Mercy" (OT: "Dupla Identidade") in Brazil a huge success. Now comes the story of an inscrutable serial killer for the first time in German television. RTL Crime shows the 13 episodes with the award-winning actor Bruno Gagliasso from 6 January every Monday at 20:15.
The series is about successful lawyer and psychology student Eduardo Borges. At first glance, a handsome and intelligent man. But, what nobody knows: Behind the perfect facade hides a disturbed psychopath who kills his victims in a bestial way. Before the task force can come to grips with him, he disguises himself as a member of the investigator squad and is always one step ahead of his hunters. A cat and mouse game begins. When Eduardo also meets the attractive, single mother, Ray, he seizes the opportunity to manipulate them for his own purposes.
Lead actor Bruno Gagliasso was honored in 2014 for his role as the psychopathic serial killer for best actor with the Brazilian television prize "Prêmio Contigo".

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