Hamilton celebrates start-finish victory, Vettel outclassed

Anniversary athlete Lewis Hamilton has once again reminded Formula One of its exceptional position in the season finale and celebrated a confident start-finish win in the floodlights of Abu Dhabi World Champion in the Mercedes drove in his 250th race far ahead of the young challengers Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) to the finish – the former permanent rivals Sebastian Vettel outclassed Hamilton outright, the Ferrari driver was only fifth.

"I'm proud and extremely grateful for this incredible team," said Hamilton, "This beautiful car is a work of art." And the competition may take a certainty into the winter break after this show of power: Hamilton reigns supreme at the age of 34 according to his rules, and he remains the top favorite with a view to the upcoming season. "There are some youngsters coming up now," said the champion: "It's a privilege to race with them, and I hope so too in the future close duels will give. "For Vettel fit the final in the picture of the absolutely disappointing year 2019th After a weak qualifying, another mistake of his pit crew and a manageable race performance of Heppenheimer came more than a minute after Hamilton to the finish. And finishing the season on World Cup rank five, that's his worst result in five years at Ferrari. Nico Hulkenberg in the final Formula 1 race on rank 12Nico Hulkenberg finished his last Formula 1 race in twelfth place. After the season, he is replaced by Esteban Ocon and is thus no longer part of the premier class after ten years. Vettel's team-mate Leclerc, however, had to worry about his third place long after the race. There had been some excitement in the paddock about an hour before the start of the race. The random control of the regulars had revealed that the Ferrari of the Monegas had more fuel on board than indicated by the team. Not only some competitors saw it as a violation of the technical regulations. "I do not know how you can not disqualify Leclerc," said Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. The stewards let Leclerc but start – and asked Ferrari only in the evening for rapport, an hour after the race. With the uncertainty of whether Leclerc's result would endure, the cars rolled on the grid. Hamilton came away from the pole position very well and had nothing to do with the crush behind it, Leclerc went quickly past Verstappen in second place. Lewis also put pressure on the Dutchman but could not make use of his one chance. Lewis Hamilton sped off the field. The lead diverged in the sequence, Hamilton was fastest in the field and sped off, and behind him the gap between Leclerc, Verstappen and Vettel. Only the pit stops brought changes. Ferrari caught up with his drivers one after the other, Leclerc was dispatched immediately before Vettel – and the German was the victim: on both wheels on the left hooked it, Vettel stood for almost seven seconds when changing. The Heppenheimer came back in traffic on the track, An attack on the top had done at least now. Anyway, he could not keep up with the pace. As the tires got worse, he later had to let Valtteri Bottas into the second Mercedes, which had to start from the end of the field after a change of engine. The dueling of the young stars was tense again, but Verstappen passed Leclerc with fresher tires and thus secured the World Championship Rank three behind Hamilton and Bottas. And the Abu Dhabi night's podium looked like a preview of the title bout 2020 – the king and his crown prince among themselves.

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