Instagram asks for the date of birth for new registrations

Thursday, 05.12.2019
09:38 clock

The Facebook subsidiary Instagram wants to know how old their users are. When creating new accounts from now on by default the date of birth is queried, says Instagram. For other members, the date of birth is not visible. The user can see it at any time in his private account information.


If the own Instagram account is connected to Facebook, the date of birth will be taken from the Facebook profile, explains Instagram. And if the date of birth on Facebook changed, this change is also transferred to Instagram. Users who do not have a Facebook account or who have not connected to their Instagram profile could now "add or edit their data directly on Instagram".

For profiles that are not dedicated to people, Instagram advises: "Use your date of birth, even if this is an account for a business, a pet or something else."

Is promised a "more individual use experience"

  With the newly collected age inputs, Instagram wants to provide its users with a "more personalized experience", such as "information about control features for your account and recommended privacy settings for young people."


According to the Reuters news agency, not just because of this, but also in order to better assess which part of their audience could use alcohol or gambling ads or other adult ads.

  Until now, Instagram users had to state that they are at least 13 years old. In Germany, however, new applications for young people had long been asking for their date of birth. Anyone who said that they were at least 18 years old was not asked for a specific date.

  In other cases, Instagram has come in the past in terms of age when users have their Facebook connected to their Instagram profile.

There are no age checks

  "It's very important for our work to get a sense of how old people are," Instagrams product chief Vishal Shah now said in an interview with Reuters, "not only to create age-appropriate experiences, but also to our many years Rule, to deny access to young people. "


Whether the age of the users are correct, will not systematically check Instagram, it says in a Reuters report. One reason for this is that teenagers often find it difficult to prove their age. The company also expects most people to be honest about this issue. In addition, Instagram uses artificial intelligence, which estimates the age of users based on various factors such as the hashtags used.

  Accounts of existing Instagram users should be able to continue to be used until further notice without the date of birth.

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