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The Story of Intrigue Trailer: On January 5, 1895, the young French officer Alfred Dreyfus is demoted for high treason in a humiliating ceremony and banned to life imprisonment on the Devil's Island in the Atlantic. Witness to this dishonor is Marie-Georges Picquart, who is promoted shortly thereafter to the secret service chief of the department, the Dreyfus' alleged espionage activity for the Germans revealed. Initially convinced of Dreyfus's guilt, Picquart gradually began to doubt. As military secrets continue to be betrayed to the Germans, he realizes that the wrong man has been convicted. Shocked, he informs his superiors, but they instruct him to drop the matter under the table. Contrary to his orders, he investigates further and finds himself in a dangerous labyrinth of treachery and corruption that endangers not only his honor but also his life.Activities: Louis Garrel, Jean Dujardin, Emmanuelle Seigner, Grégory Gadebois, Vincent Pérez, Melvil Poupaud André Marcon, Mathieu Amalric, Vincent Grass, Didier Sandre, Hervé Pierre, Laurent Stocker, Eric Ruf, Vladimir Yordanoff, Gérard Chaillou, Laurent Natrella
Director: Roman Polanski
Production: Robert Benmussa, Alain Sarde, Luca Barbareschi
Screenplay: Roman Polanski, Robert Harris, Robert Harris
Film Music: Alexandre Desplat
Official sites: – Website rolls of film: Louis Garrelcapitaine Alfred DreyfusJean Dujardinlieutenant-colonel Marie-Georges Georges PicquartEmmanuelle SeignerPauline MonnierGrégory Gadeboiscommandant Hubert Henry Vincent PérezMaître Louis LebloisMelvil PoupaudMaître Fernand Labori lawyerAndré MarconÉmile ZolaMathieu AmalricAlphonse BertillonVincent Grassgénéral Jean-Baptiste BillotDidier Sandregénéral Raoul Le Mouton de BoisdeffreHervé Pierregénéral Charles Arthur GonseLaurent Stockergà © nà © ral Georges-Gabriel de PellieuxEric Rufcolonel Jean SandherrWladimir Yordanoffgà © nà © ral Auguste MercierGà © rard ChaillouGeorges Clemenceau à © ditorialiste à L'AuroreLaurent Natrellacommandant Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy

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