Investment: How To Overcome Fear Of Stocks

The German retail investor is a mystery: He likes to complain and often
Low and zero interest rates and blames the European
Central Bank (ECB) too. Nevertheless, the Germans park almost a quarter of their own
currently € 6.2 trillion in financial assets on current and overnight money accounts,
which give little or no interest. Shares on the other hand become traditional
Spurned, although in the long term clearly the better investment alternative
are.Why is that? Michael Grote, corporate finance professor at the
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, is the phenomenon along with scientists of Frankfurt
Goethe University. His current study "Zum Rätsel der
Stock market participation in Germany "comes to amazing results. SPIEGEL: Professor Grote, has long been known that the Germans
Largely ignore stocks. Why does this need a study? Grote: Studies on investment behavior often only say what we do
already know.

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