Judy: Exclusive clip with Renee Zellweger

 Judy Garland sang at unforgettable stage shows in the hearts of her countless, loyal fans. And never lost their authenticity. For the cast of this century's voice and personality, there was only one option for filmmakers: Renée Zellweger. No other artist could handle this challenge as she did. An exclusive excerpt from the movie we show you directly below this text.
The actress embarked on the transformation into Judy Garland with heart and soul and did not hesitate to sing herself world hits like "Somewhere over the Rainbow". Although Zellweger had singing experience from musical films such as "Chicago" (2002), she spent a year preparing for the role with a voice trainer to internalize Judy's striking style, accent and tone of voice. A choreographer helped her master Judy's distinctive body language – much more than imitating an infallible stage professional. As Zellweger puts the fragile and nervous side of the world star to the point, fellow actress Jessie Buckley impresses: "There are moments when she completely drops herself and has no resemblance to Renée at all. She looks like Judy: the attitude, the voice, her joke and even the fear are reflected in her eyes. "
"No one else can sing, play and be funny like that," says producer David Livingstone, stating the cast and starring at Judy Garland's wonderfully dry humor, which also brought her the depths of a life in the limelight. And who could have done the balancing act between vulnerability and sharp-wittedness as well as an artist who excelled in dramas ("Off to Cold Mountain", 2003) as well as in high-profile comedies ("Bridget Jones" series, 2001-2016). With extraordinary ease Renée Zellweger sets the stage legend a monument without equal – musically, cinematically, and very personally …
About the Movie: Five Sold-Out Concert Weeks in Swinging London! In the winter of 1968, the British capital is eagerly awaiting the performances of show legend Judy Garland in the prominent West End theater "The Talk of the Town". The premiere of the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz", which made her world famous, has been around for 30 years and her voice may have lost some of her radiance – but she can still count on her gift for dramatic staging. And her fine sense of humor and her warmth of heart characterize her like no other, in the preparations of the show, in encounters with friends and loyal fans as well as in disputes with the management. Even her dream of one great love seems still unbroken after four marriages, and so she plunges into a wild romance with Mickey Deans, her future fifth spouse …

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