Junglecamp 2020: Launch date on RTL is fixed

 I Am A Star, Get Me Here Out starts as usual at the beginning of the year. Now we do not just know which candidates will land in the jungle camp in 2020. Meanwhile, we were also told the exact dates of the new season. Here you can learn all the information that has already been announced. At the beginning of next year, the 14th season of Ich Bin Ein Star – Get Me Out Of Here At The Start. Once again, 12 personalities from the public life go into the uncomfortable jungle. Now RTL has betrayed the launch date of the new edition. Fans do not have to wait long until the most well-known reality show in Germany goes into the next round.
I Am A Star – Get Me Here Get started on Friday, January 10, 2020. It all starts with a three-hour kick-off show that starts at 9:15 pm on RTL. Then it goes with I Am A Star – Get Me Out Of Here! The hour after that on RTL plus on. Saturdays and Sundays runs the additional program, in which one talks about the current events in the show, probably again in the main program on RTL. And now, finally, there was more to know about the candidates who will move to the jungle camp in 2020:
Claudia Norberg: The ex-girlfriend of the pop singer Michael Wendler pays a visit to the jungle.
Daniela Büchner: Should actually be in the last season, but had to postpone her appearance due to the death of her husband Jens Büchner.
Elena Miras: Moved from Love Island to the Stars' Summer House and now into the Australian wilderness.
Anastasiya Avilova: Was previously seen, among others, at Temptation Iceland.
Prince Damien: Will take over the role of DSDS star this year.
Antonia Komljen: Is the female counterpart to Prince Damien.
Marco Cerullo: Especially tried to make a name in The Bachelorette.
Markus Reinecke: Is one of the eponymous dealers in the afternoon show The Super Dealers.
Günther Krause: The former Federal Minister of Transport also wants to be tested by the jungle.
Sonja Kirchberger: Swap the Venus trap from her film for Venus fly traps.
Sven Ottke: Probably the only Wackelkandidat. Apparently, the obligation of the former boxer is not sure yet.
A candidate is still missing. The participants consist as always of ex-celebrities and those who want to be. RTL continues to follow the tendency to increasingly select candidates from the broadcast's own reality shows. Of course there will be Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich as moderators. Check out our video player to see what disgusting food jungle camp winner Evelyn Burdecki had to eat last season. Simply click to start the video.

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