Katja Kipping: East and West Germans should forgive themselves for mistakes

Monday, December 16, 2019
07:03 a.m.

Left-wing leader Katja Kipping has asked East and West Germans to forgive each other for mistakes in reunification. "Traumatization often only becomes recognizable when the worst has been overcome and a piece of security has returned. At this point we are at the moment," she told the "Rheinische Post" in an interview.


After the reunification, the East Germans would have lost a lot of familiar things. "In order to deal with this social trauma, in addition to social security and revitalization of the public, we need an all-German heat flow in the form of real interest and respect for the East."

Kipping was born in Dresden in 1978 and grew up in the former GDR. The 41-year-old, together with Bernd Riexinger, has chaired the Left Party since 2012.

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