Kim has "everything" to lose: Trump makes clear announcement to North Korea

              Sunday, December 08, 2019

              For months, the nuclear talks between Washington and Pyongyang are on hold. After an alleged weapons test on a controversial plant warns US President Trump North Korea's ruler Kim: This should rather not "hostile" act.
              US President Donald Trump has warned North Korea against further provocation in the nuclear dispute. Ruler Kim Jong Un knew he had "everything" to lose by acting in a "hostile manner," Trump wrote on Twitter. Previously, Pyongyang had announced that it had carried out a major weapons test on its controversial satellite launch base Sohae – which was tested exactly, the country initially open. Kim Jong Un is "too smart" for hostilities, Trump wrote on Twitter. He would not risk his "special relationship with the President of the United States" or want to intervene in the US presidential election next year. Trump continued that North Korea has "tremendous economic potential" under Kim's leadership. But it would have to do without its nuclear weapons. From the Sohae 2012 rockets and satellites were launched with satellites. Internationally, the launches were rated as veiled tests of ballistic missiles and strongly condemned. Last year, Kim had agreed to close Sohae at a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae In. Instead, a spokesman for the North Korean Academy of Defense Studies announced another "important test" affecting the country's "strategic position." No progress on denuclearization After a dangerous escalation of tensions between the two countries, Trump and Kim closed in June 2018 met a historic summit in Singapore. At that time, they agreed in principle on a denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, but without agreeing concrete steps. Meanwhile, the nuclear talks between Washington and Pyongyang are again on hold, and Pyongyang demands concessions from Washington until the end of the year. UN diplomats fear that the country, which is isolated worldwide, could resume its long-range missile testing if there is no speedy progress in talks with the US.

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