Little Joe: Exclusive Mystery Thriller Clip

 The mystery thriller Little Joe – Happiness Is A Store is the fourth film directed by Jessica Hausner to be seen in Cannes. To the film with Emily Beecham (28 Weeks Later, The Calling) and Ben Whishaw (The Perfume, James Bond 007 – Specter) we show you here an exclusive excerpt. The thriller will start on January 9, 2020 in German cinemas. Join in here with the clip to Litte Joe. The single mother and scientist Alice is fully committed to her profession. As a biologist, she has created something memorable: a purple flower that has a very unique effect – with ideal room temperature and sufficient attention, its scent makes people happy!
Secretly Alice takes one of the plants for her 13-year-old son Joe home, they call her "Little Joe". But the further the mysterious flower grows, the more people change in Alice's environment. Their suspicions are growing that their creation may not be as harmless and auspicious as originally planned …
In fascinatingly beautiful pictures and with subtle irony, the Austrian director Jessica Hausner tells in Little Joe – Happiness Is A Store the story of the mother and scientist Alice, who creates a flower that will make people happy. However, without being aware of the possible consequences of their creation.
Hausner stages a clever, sometimes funny metaphor for our society, which strives almost obsessively for its own, perfect happiness, without paying attention to what else happens in our world. For the fourth time, Jessica Hausner participated in the Cannes Film Festival; With Little Joe – Happiness is a business now in competition for the first time.

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