Love Parade? Rave the Planet !: Dr. Motte announces "The Next Big Thing"

              Wednesday December 18, 2019

              He is considered the founder of the Love Parade. However, given their ever increasing commercialization, Dr. At some point, Motte could not do anything with his own event. Now he is obviously making a new plan – and promises great things.
              The rise and fall of the Love Parade are unparalleled in history. When the first parade under the motto "Peace, joy, pancakes" was launched in 1989, around 150 dance enthusiasts trotted along the Berlin Kudamm with it. But the further career of the techno event was rapid. So fast that just a few years later, more than a million visitors attended the event, which has now been held in Berlin's Tiergarten. A rather poor funeral march had become an event with worldwide appeal. The tragedy of DuisburgNot without consequences, of course: the parade from scene to scene turned into a commercial mass spectacle, which reached its tragic climax in 2010. Meanwhile relocated from Berlin to the Ruhr area, 21 people died in the crush during the techno move in Duisburg. Dr. Motte obviously wants to know it again. (Photo: imago images / tagesspiegel) The inventors and original makers of the Love Parade, above all Dr. Moth alias Matthias Roeingh, have not been part of it for a long time. On the contrary, they explicitly distanced themselves from the event, which no longer seemed to have anything to do with the basic idea of ​​the first parade, but no matter how one judged the development of the event – the tragedy of Duisburg was anyway everything obsolete. She put a definitive end to the ambiguous success story. Now it was clear: there will never be a Love Parade again. "Worldwide response" But maybe something else like this? Almost ten years have passed since the last parade. And none other than Dr. Motte now announces that he wants to throw his hat into the ring again in the service of electronic music. For example, the now 59-year-old invites to a press conference for the middle of January 2020 under the heading "Dr. Motte announces 'The Next Big Thing'". What exactly he wants to present there in less than a month is still unclear. But his message at least suggests something. "After Germany celebrated 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall and 30 years of Love Parade this year, the time has come for a new chapter that Dr. Motte opens with 'Rave The Planet' in the new year January 2020 marks the start of an initiative that will generate worldwide resonance and place Berlin at the center of electronic music and club culture, "says Dr. Motte's writing. At least the DJ and his team are convinced that they will get "a big project" underway. Many die-hard techno disciples should feel their hearts beat faster with this view.

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