Mad Max 2 with Tom Hardy is yet to come

 For a long time it was quiet about a possible sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road. A legal dispute paralyzed the project and seemed to put all plans on hold. But now comes again movement in the apocalyptic action franchise. In addition to two other films, director George Miller also plans a spin-off. Thirty years lie between the then last Mad Max movie (Beyond the Thunderdome) and Fury Road. At the age of 70, George Miller once again took his place in the director's chair in 2015 to join the comeback of the series. Max Rockatansky saw a spectacular return to the cinema screen in Mad Max: Fury Road. Once again, George Miller proved to be a good master of the action genre. With colorful effects, convincing CGI and hand made explosions, viewers got exactly what they expected. And as it turns out, there will be more in the future.
As Deadline has learned, it is very good to continue the series. In an interview with George Miller in person, he reported: "I'm still far from having Mad Max's story." That would be surprising but only a few. After all, it has long been planned to start a new series with Tom Hardy in the lead role. We are planning two new sequels and also a spin-off, in which we take a close look at Furiosa (Charlize Theron).
A lawsuit with Warner was these bold plans 2018 but still in the way. Meanwhile, however, the waves have been smoothed and the film makers are again hopeful. Miller confirmed, "We're already in the preparations for the other (Mad Max) movie." It seems we have to be patient for a while on Mad Max 5. If you want to pass the time, check out the other adventures of Max Rockatansky on Amazon Prime Video. For subscribers there are currently all four previous Mad Max films available at no extra cost in the stream.

Source: Deadline

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