Metal Gear Solid Film: Star Wars Star as Solid Snake Possible

 The new video game Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima was already cinematic enough for many fans. So far, however, we have been guilty of a real film based on the submission of the developer legend. But with a new adaptation of Metal Gear Solid, that should change very soon. An actor from the latest Star Wars trilogy is even to be brought on board for this. For a long time it was quiet about the planned filming of the video game classic Metal Gear Solid. For years, the project did not seem to be able to free itself from the production hell. But now the adaptation is finally giving life again. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who has worked on Kong: Skull Island, is still scheduled for implementation. On Twitter, he now shared a pleasing news with the Metal Gear Solid fans.
Vogt -Roberst and his screenwriter Derek Connolly have recently submitted a new script to the film. Originally, the duo had already betrayed in July 2018 that the script was finished. Apparently, the studio Sony but seemed to bother. That the filming now but still precedes, promises now another news from the director.
Not only is the script supposed to get going, the actors are also making progress. Vogt-Roberts will meet very soon with a very special actor. It is undoubtedly the lead role for Metal Gear Solid, the hard-hitting elite warrior Solid Snake. To whom it should be concrete, has not been officially announced. A few months ago, Star Wars pilot Oscar Isaac announced that he would love to slip into Snake's skin. Whether Isaac really ends up in the role, but remains to be seen for now.
No matter who ultimately gets hold of the lead role, according to Vogt-Roberts, the cinema adaptation is to keep the cult template in honor. One wants to keep particularly to the peculiarities of Hideo Kojima, the creator of the series. This should mean a complicated and above all wacky plot full of strange characters. When we see the result on the cinema screen is still unknown.

Source: Twitter

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