Miracle Workers Season 2 Trailer – Dark Ages

The story of Miracle Workers Season 2 Trailer – Dark Ages: The succession to the throne in the Middle Ages is no easy task. Especially when Mr. Papa is a regent who doesn't particularly appreciate his subjects. Rather prefer to rule with fear and terror rather than granting his citizens the necessary freedoms. Not an easy task for the young prince to follow in these footsteps because he himself prefers to deal with conflicts differently. Clenching a fist and ordering people around is not his style. Attempts to intimidate work primarily on him, instead of being able to set the tone. And because the Middle Ages are anyway a scene of cruel violence and unclean deeds, claims to power are not on his to-do list. At the time, scientists also believed that they had already researched everything about the flat world in which they live. New knowledge is completely unwelcome. Time to get to the bottom of it … Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni, Jon Bass, Sasha Compère, Steve Buscemi, Lolly Adefope, Mike Dunston, Theresa O'Shea, Caleb Emery, Joey Thurmond, Kevin Wayne, Parisa Johnston, John Reynolds
Directed by: Ryan Case, Maurice Marable, Jorma Taccone, Dan Schimpf
Production: Jorma Taccone, Steve Buscemi, Daniel Radcliffe, Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer, Simon Rich, Katy Jenson, Matthew Stillman, David Minkowski, Dan Mirk, Mallory Yund, Paul Garnes
Screenplay: Simon Rich, Heather Anne Campbell, Cirocco Dunlap, Lucas Gardner, Mitra Jouhari, Jeff Loveness, Dan Mirk, Gary Richardson
Roles: Daniel RadcliffeCraigGeraldine ViswanathanElizaKaran SoniSanjayJon BassSamSasha CompèreLauraSteve BuscemiGottLolly AdefopeRosieMike DunstonLaRon Ron St. ClaireTheresa O'SheaNanaCaleb EmeryZachJoey ThurmondSupervisorKevegasJonstonJohney

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