Money diverted from EU pots?: Thousands demonstrate against babies

              Wednesday December 18, 2019

              The criticism of Andrej Babis does not stop: The prime minister in Prague is suspected of having illegally collected large sums of European money for his own purposes. On Wenceslas Square, the crowd demands his resignation.
              Around 10,000 demonstrators in Prague have once again called for the resignation of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, who is suspected of subsidy fraud. People gathered in the center of the capital on Tuesday – a week after around 50,000 people demonstrated against babies. Babis is suspected of having illegally collected millions in EU subsidies with its Agrofert group. The fifth richest Czech, according to "Forbes" magazine, rejects the allegations. Political starter Babis has only been in office for two years and since the end of April there have been rallies in Prague and other cities in the Czech Republic against Babis, who was born in Slovakia today. It is also about dark spots from his past: According to documents from the communist secret police, the later entrepreneur and founder of the ANO party was active as an informer in the 1980s. This also denies Babis, but failed in this matter with a lawsuit before the Czech Constitutional Court.Babis group holding Agrofert controls not only companies from the trade in agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, but also woodworking companies and real estate companies. Agrofert is also indirectly active in Germany through a subsidiary from the large bakery industry.

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