Nature and wildlife documentaries now available on Sky Ticket

 Fascinating animal and nature documentaries in the best image quality, filmed in 40 countries around the globe, Sky Ticket customers can look forward to immediately. The Sky Entertainment Month Ticket gives users access to the unique programs of Love Nature whenever and wherever they want. In the first year of the partnership alone, wildlife fans with Sky Ticket have the choice of over 200 hours of high-profile recordings.
Highlights in the best HD quality include "Africa: Underwater Worlds", "Africa: Secret Kingdoms", "The Monkey Island", or animal series such as "Attack and Defense", or "The Secret Life of Wombats" and other fascinating animals.
Love Nature is a modern, platform-independent video streaming service in 4K quality around the theme of nature and wildlife. Be it linear television, OTT, VOD or YouTube: Love Nature reaches viewers and wildlife lovers on any platform, as they are available everywhere. As a result, Love Nature continues to grow, offering viewers the chance to be close to nature through stunning stories about nature and stunning 4K and HDR footage. The goal is to promote a deeper understanding of and connection to the planet we call our homeland through the content – one of the largest collections of 4K natural history films and series. Love Nature is a joint project of Blue Ant Media and Smithsonian Networks.

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