No return to Bayern? Pep Guardiola denies reports on exit clause

Hansi Flick may continue to coach FC Bayern as head coach. Behind the scenes, the search for an external successor to the dismissed Niko Kovac continues. In the past few weeks, a man has again come into focus: Pep Guardiola. According to "Daily Mail", Pep Guardiola should have an exit clause – the Spaniard, however, disagrees. The Bayern stars are consistently positive about a Guardiola return First statement room for speculation, but then expresses itself unequivocally Pep confirms that he wants to stay with Manchester City Update 12/13/2019, 7:44 p.m. Pep Guardiola has strongly opposed reports of an exit clause in his contract with Manchester City. "That is not true," the 48-year-old clarified. Previously, several papers had reported that the Spaniard had an exit clause for the coming summer in his contract, which runs until 2021. Guardiola's return to FC Bayern had recently been speculated, and from 2013 to 2016 Guardiola was a coach with the German record champions before joining England. To this day, Guardiola maintains a good relationship with FCB.Update 13.12.2019, 09:38 am Now the English "Times" and the "Daily Mail" report it concisely and concretely: Pep Guardiola has an exit clause in his working paper for the coming year Of the media reports, the club managers at Manchester City are confident that they will be able to keep their master coach for the last contract year over the summer of 2020. Not least because of the moderate point yield of recent weeks, it is no longer impossible that Guardiola will stop after this season and leave the Skyblues. FC Bayern could again become the favorite for a new collaboration with the successful coach, who has postponed his coaching discussion into the new year. There is also a potential successor for Guardiola with the reigning English champions: Mauricio Pochettino plays in the planning of the city Bosse plays an important role and enjoys a high reputation in the club after his successful time at Tottenham Hotspur. Update 04.12.2019, 2:10 p.m. FC Bayern is probably still in the head with Pep Guardiola. Whether wanted, or unintentional: After the 4: 1 success of the English football champion in Burnley, the star coach made with a slip of the tongue for amusement in the press conference. When he talked about new signing Rodrigo, said the 48-year-old: "I think Bayern Munich … Bayern Munich?" and slapped his forehead with his hand. "Bayern Munich, what the fuck? (What the fuck?) I do not know what I was thinking." Afterwards Guardiola made it clear that he naturally thought that ManCity had signed an incredible player in Rodrigo for the next few years. Update 02.12 .2019, 12:28 p.m. The Causa Pep Guardiola could also be of crucial importance for the Leroy Sané personnel at Manchester City. Whether the currently injured German international extended his contract with the English champion or not, should also depend on the future Guardiola in the club. Accordingly, an early farewell to city team manager Pep Guardiola would again increase the chances of the German international remaining. The relationship between Sané and the star coach was far from being "poisoned", but it was cold, Guardiola preferred Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva to the currently injured Sané, the report said. Update 23.11.2019, 10:23 am The return of Pep Guardiola to Bayern is probably finally off the table for the time being. Before the league game with Manchester City against Chelsea, the Spaniard was asked about a possible farewell from England – and dashed Munich's hopes of a change: "If people asked me: I want to stay. I have none at all Reason to leave here: "Guardiola is" incredibly happy to be able to work with this club and with these players ". A premature departure from Manchester is also out of the question in view of the now large gap of nine points to leaders Liverpool. "If people think I'll give up because of the results, they don't know me well. If the club wants me next season, I want to be here too. 100 percent," said the 48-year-old's clear answer .Update 19.11.2019, 10:34 am Peps consultant Josep Maria Orotbig recently left room for speculation against "Spox" and "Goal" ("Nothing is safe in football"), now he expresses himself clearly in "Bild": " Pep has fond memories of Munich and still has friends there, but at no point has he shown any interest in returning to Germany as a coach, something that at the moment would be as impossible as last summer with Juventus Turin always his contracts, I deny all rumors! "His client was" satisfied and very happy in Manchester, "said Orotbig. "His contract runs until June 2021. I haven't spoken to him about anyone in Germany – either with brokers or club bosses." Manchester City has also given the tabloid a statement on the Guardiola cause. "We do not participate in speculation," it says. Update 19.11.2019, 09:06 am At Bayern, one would welcome Pep Guardiola's return to the coaching bench without question. But does the 48-year-old ever want to go back to Munich? According to a report by the Spanish sports paper "Mundo Deportivo" not. According to Guardiola will fulfill his 2021 ongoing contract with ManCity "definitely" should it not dismiss the club. That would prevent the star coach from hiring again at the German record champions next summer. Update 18.11.2019, 12:15 p.m. Now Josep Maria Orobitg, consultant to Pep Guardiola, has spoken out via "Spox" and "Goal". He left room for speculation, "Nothing is certain in football," the agent replied when asked whether a return to FC Bayern was not possible for his client. However, he vehemently disagreed with recent rumors that Guardiola was dissatisfied with ManCity. "I only spoke to Pep last Wednesday. Everything is the same: he feels comfortable with Manchester City and also in the city of Manchester. And he has a contract until June 30, 2021," said Orobitg. Has Pep Guardiola one Exit clause at Manchester City? Update 17.11.2019, 11:10 amThe contract situation of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City apparently offers the necessary flexibility for an early farewell – possibly also in the direction of FC Bayern. As the "Mirror" reports, Guardiola's predecessor Manuel Pellegrini had in his contract with the Sky Blues an exit clause that allowed both parties to withdraw from the contract tt speculates that the current team manager of the current English champions could also have such an option, so there would be no obstacles to a summer breakup if Guardiola wanted to look for a new challenge before the Premier League match against Crystal Palace in late October the star coach commented on a possible farewell: "I have no plans. Usually life decides what to do. I just live, have fun and prepare for the next game. After the next season we will see ". Update 16.11.2019, 10:10 am Herbert Hainer, new president of FC Bayern Munich, and his predecessor Uli Hoeneß do not categorically rule out the return of coach Pep Guardiola to Säbener Straße." I have to honestly say I might have answered the question three days ago. Now I won't answer them at all because I don't feel authorized to articulate such thoughts in this position, "said Hoeneß at the press conference after the record master's annual general meeting." A door is then often opened for mutual play: Hoeneß against the board. I will not do that under any circumstances. "Hainer explained:" The board will try to get the best coach for Bayern to the best of my knowledge and belief. If I say the best, then on the one hand it means who we want to have, on the other hand it must also be available. Pep Guardiola is a great coach, but he has a contract with Manchester City. Now I would say: let's wait until the board approaches us. Then we look at all the alternatives. But in principle we want to have the best coach at Bayern Munich. "Pep Guardiola back to Bayern? Joshua Kimmich" would not defend himself "Update: 11/14/2019, 1:14 PM Joshua Kimmich would welcome Guardiola's second engagement at Bayern He explained this at the DFB press conference during the international break: "I don't know how realistic it is and what the plan with Hansi Flick is. You had the feeling that a new coach would come after the international break. Now we have won two games. I know Guardiola, I have a lot to thank him for, "returned Kimmich on Thursday afternoon. The memories of the Spaniard are still there:" He let me play as a second division player in the Bundesliga and Champions League. Together we became double winners. I wouldn't defend myself if he came. "Update: 14.11.2019, 12:19 pm For Lothar Matthäus the chances for Pep Guardiola's renewed engagement with Bayern are not bad, but he sees a catch in the matter." If FC Bayern wants to have ball possession football, there is no better solution than Pep Guardiola, "Matthäus told" Bild ". The fact that" how good the relationship with Pep is still "makes the DFB honorary captain confident On the other hand, Matthäus notes that Guardiola's departure in 2016 was not without reason: "If you separate, something must not have been right. That makes me skeptical. "Meanwhile, voices are also voicing that the 48-year-old star coach prefers to work for a national team. Accordingly, Guardiola biographer Guillem Balagué also holds the chances for a pep return to Bayern in conversation with the tabloid for rather small: "Without speaking to anyone, I'm sure that Pep will stay in Manchester at least until the end of his contract. I don't see the return to Bavaria. "Pep Guardiola one of three coaching candidates at Bayern? Update: 13.11.2019, 1:29 pm At the DFB press conference before the German national team's qualifier against Belarus, Manuel Neuer commented to his former companion Pep Guardiola, who is considered to be a possible new coach at FC Bayern. "I hear about the rumor for the first time, so I can't say anything about that. You will of course see what happens, what those responsible from FC Bayern Munich decide, "said the goalkeeper on Wednesday afternoon. At the moment things are going well for FC Bayern, under transition coach Hansi Flick the last two games could be won without conceding a goal sees no hurry in the coaching question, especially after the brilliant 4-0 win against Borussia Dortmund. "In the last six days, Hansi Flick and his coaching team have invested a lot, we have been very successful twice and those responsible will take a position when they want to take a stand. "Update: November 13, 2019, 7:13 amAfter the English sports portal" The Athletic "last reported that Pep Guardiola could possibly return to the record champions for a second term," Sport Bild "is now following suit According to Blatt, the current team manager from Manchester City is one of three names that are currently traded at Bayern, alongside Munich's former trainee r are therefore Erik ten Hag, currently under contract with Ajax Amsterdam, and the former BVB coach Thomas Tuchel (Paris Saint-Germain) on the list, most recently showing signs that at least Guardiola's time at his current employer would soon be could end. A separation of City in summer, despite his contract until 2021 is no longer ruled out, the tenor. According to "Sport Bild", Guardiola is definitely into a second engagement in the Bundesliga. The contact with the Bayern bosses is maintained regularly. In Munich they have registered that the Spaniard in Manchester no longer happy, it goes on.

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