Oldenburg: Homeless man makes it to prison thanks to attempted murder

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019
10:50 p.m.

A 62-year-old homeless man wanted to go to jail – and is going to jail: The Oldenburg district court sentenced the man to life imprisonment for attempted murder. He intentionally hit a cyclist in a car in June and seriously injured him to be sentenced to prison. According to a court spokesman, the accused showed something like remorse in his last word. He announced that his pension payments should go to the victim.


The act had occurred near Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. At the time, the Mönchengladbacher had no permanent residence and no income. He only had his car, the registration of which had expired a year and a half ago. He steered this on the opposite lane on the bike path, where he rammed a 48-year-old cyclist unknown to him. The victim had been seriously injured.

The court judged the previous 62-year-old to be insidious and greedy – both legal characteristics for a conviction for murder or attempted murder. He said he wanted to "secure all-round care in a correctional facility," the spokesman said. The judges followed the prosecutor's request for a life sentence, while the defense lawyers had asked for nine years in prison.

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