Organic Kids Tomato Sauce Gets Golden Cream Puffs by Foodwatch

Tuesday, 03.12.2019
11:59 clock

Kids love sugar – but too much of it makes you fat and your teeth are broken. This year's "Golden Windbeutel", the negative prize of the consumer organization Foodwatch for the boldest advertising slogan, goes to the very sugary Kindertomatensauce from Zwergenwiese. It contains eleven percent sugar – more than twice as much as the manufacturer's regular tomato sauce.


Nearly 70,000 consumers have participated in the vote according to Foodwatch. Of these, 53 percent chose the tomato sauce with the comic dwarf and the colorful letters on the label as the biggest advertising slogan. With a good quarter, the second-most vote accounted for the alleged gut health drink Yakult. Less than ten percent each received the "100% organic direct juice carrot" from Hipp, the wasabi peanuts from Rewe and the bar "Corny Protein Lower Carb" from Schwartau.

"The fact that just a bio-pioneer exploits the trust of parents and wants to pull out with outrageous arguments from the affair, we find unacceptable," said Manuel Wiemann of Foodwatch.

  Zwergenwiese defended itself after the nomination in early November. "This sugar is not added crystal sugar, we use only eight percent apple juice," said the company, which now belongs to Rapunzel health food. In addition, the tomatoes, carrots and onions naturally contained sugar but it was not comparable to industrial sugar. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) also defines apple juice as free or added sugar and recommends: only tomato sauces without added sugar should be advertised to children.

Zwergenwiese also finds that less sweetness is "quite desirable": "A reduction would be possible to a maximum of five percent apple juice." Nevertheless, the company refers to the "other standards" in the sweetness of children: Only at 8.6 grams of sugar per liter, this is a. Why tomato sauce – and not chocolate bars – must be sweet at all, the company does not explain.

  Instead, Zwergenwiese also writes on Facebook: "The younger the child, the sweeter the product should be." What pediatrician president Thomas Fischbach classified as "just as stupid as dangerous". "Taste is instilled and it is the responsibility of manufacturers and parents to set the right course here."
The golden puff: Foodwatch handed over the award on Tuesday at the headquarters of Zwergenwiese

  Recently, German paediatricians had called for a ban on advertising foods specifically targeting children – because they too often promoted obesity and contained too much sugar. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 15 percent of children and adolescents in Germany are overweight, 62 percent of men and almost half of women.

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