Police investigate murder threat against AfD MPs

Wednesday, 04.12.2019
18:01 clock

Unknown have threatened in Baden-Wuerttemberg an AFD member of parliament with the death. In the night of Wednesday, they had set up a wooden cross in front of the practice of the dentist Christina tree in Lauda-Königshofen with the inscription "Nazihure tree, after which no more cocks crowed, died 31.12.2019," said the federal party and the parliamentary faction of AfD With.


Baum posted a photo of the cross on Facebook and wrote, "The hatred of our political opponents is bearing fruit." The politician sits since 2016 in the Baden-Württemberg state parliament and is attributed to the right-wing national "wing" of the AfD.

The Heilbronn police confirmed the incident. "The cross was provided with various inscriptions, which contain on the one hand insults and on the other a threat to the member of parliament," it said in a statement.

  It has been reported, the prosecutor Mosbach have taken together with the Criminal Police Heilbronn investigations. At the moment there is no concrete suspicion, police said and asked for evidence from witnesses.

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