Prince Charming: TVNOW series comes to VOX on free TV

 Wild quarrels, hot kisses and great feelings РGermany's first gay dating show "Prince Charming" has thrilled TVNOW users in recent weeks. Now it is clear what many fans have wished for: The currently most successful TVNOW reality original, which has already been extended by a second season, will soon be available on free TV. In spring 2020, VOX shows how Prince Charming Nicolas Puschmann is looking for his Mr. Right among 20 single men in Greece. From spectacular dates and crackling moments between the singles to the kissing marathon of Prince Charming Рthe eight episodes produced by Seapoint are not just emotionally ups and downs.
Who the remaining two men hit Amor with and who has the pulse of "Prince Charming" so high that it is enough to start a life together can be seen in TVNOW's final episode today. Who can keep the very last tie? Dominic and Lars are still in the race, and feelings are present on all sides …
"Of all the decisions I've had to make here at Prince Charming, it's the hardest thing ever – because I'm going to break someone's heart. I just listen to my heart tonight. If I listened to my mind, I couldn't Make a decision, "said Nicolas Puschmann about the highly emotional final. The reunion episode, moderated by Angela Finger heirs, is now also available online at TVNOW.

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