Probationary double killer released: Jens Soering lands in Germany

              Tuesday 17th December 2019

              After more than three decades in US custody, convicted double murderer Jens Söring ends up at Frankfurt Airport. He is now on probation. His supporters have already prepared for the arrival in Germany.
              Ex-prisoner Jens Soering, convicted of double murder in the United States, is back in Germany. A Washington-based scheduled aircraft with the 53-year-old landed at Frankfurt Airport in the morning after a flight of around seven hours. Friends and supporters want to receive him there. Söring plans to go to the press shortly afterwards and make a statement; the responsible body in the US state of Virginia decided in November to release Söring on probation and to deport him. The German diplomat's son had been sentenced to twice life imprisonment for murdering the parents of his then girlfriend, Elizabeth Haysom, in 1985. Soering initially confessed to the murders, but later revoked the confession. He continues to plead innocence, and his supporters have already made preparations for his decades in prison in the United States. They organized an apartment, clothes and a cell phone, among other things. After more than 33 years in prison, according to a criminologist, Jens Söring has to cope with life in freedom. "He doesn't have to be re-socialized, he has to be socialized. He has to learn life techniques and behaviors in order to survive outside in this society," said dpa author and social scientist Bernd Maelicke.

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