Program change: RTL makes everything new on Thursday evening

Hell lurks everywhere in professional life, you just can not lose the humor! Does not make RTL and therefore starts on Thursday, January 2, 2020, from 20:15 clock with a devilishly strong series package in the new year: From school on the chief secretary to the hospital. With ten new episodes each, Hendrik Duryn aka "The Teacher" and the sitcom "Secretaries – Survival from 9 to 5" return at 21.15 with Ellenie Salvo González, Jochen Horst and Susan Hoecke in the lead roles. Starting at 9:45 pm with Caroline Maria Frier and Anna Julia Antonucci there will be powerful women's power in the new sitcom "Sister, Sister – Here you are right!". For nasty boss furore Christian Tramitz provides as an arrogant clinic boss.

"Der Lehrer" (8th season, 10 new episodes) – Thu., January 2nd at 8.15 pmNew teacher, new trainee teacher and Vollmer in the thick of it: With the moving farewell to Karin Noske (Jessica Ginkel), there are signs of change at Georg -Schwerthoff comprehensive school. Five years after Karin's death, Stefan Vollmer (Hendrik Duryn) and trainee teacher Emma (Zsá Zsá Inci Bürkle) welcomed a former student, who now belongs to the teaching staff. In the wake of his father, Stefan's son Jonas (Merlin Rose) celebrates his first day as a teacher at the GSG. A lot of fresh wind so at the comprehensive school, but Vollmer is well known only in his element when it storms properly. As a single father and widower Vollmer devotedly cares for daughter Frida (Leni Infant). At the GSG, the single-dad can not be suppressed in season eight, but jumps for his students fully in the breach – no matter how great the problems of his charges are.
At TVNOW, "The Teacher" will be shown weekly from 26th December 2019.
"Secretaries – Survive from 9 to 5" (Season 2, 10 new episodes) – Thu, Jan 2 at 21:15 With "Secretaries – Survival from 9 to 5", a sitcom celebrates its comeback, showing that the forecourt to hell in the chief secretariat of "Sonnenschein Toast AG". True to the motto "If you have colleagues, you do not need enemies!" it goes on with the madness in the shark tank "office" on. In "Secretaries – Survival from 9 to 5", after six years, the shoals of everyday office life move back into focus in a witty and charming way. Katja (Ellenie Salvo González), Nicole (Susan Hoecke) and Melanie (Nina Vorbrodt) are exposed to the daily attacks of their boss Berger alias Jochen Horst. That's not enough, the secretaries are not green themselves …
At TVNOW, "secretaries" will be screened weekly from 26 December 2019.
"Sister, sister – Here you are right!" (Season 1, 10 new episodes) – Thu, 2 January at 21:45 Women's Power, extra high doses: In the new hospital sitcom "Sister, Sister – Here you are right!" There's a lot for the laughing muscles. Nurse Micki (Caroline Maria Frier) is watching the worm. The new colleagues think they are stupid, the ward management she should share with the unqualified Charly (Anna Julia Antonucci) and the hospital director Friedrich Tümmler (Christian Tramitz) makes her life even more difficult. But after initial difficulties Micki and the sisters become a well-rehearsed team and also competitor and roommate Charly turns out to be best friend. The unequal couple fight relentlessly for the well-being of the patients – and against the tyrannical clinic chief.
Already, all episodes can be seen on TVNOW.

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