Record champion hopes for a turnaround in the Champions League

FC Bayern is looking forward to two appearances in Bundesliga everyday life especially on the appearance on Europe's gala stage.The last matchday of the group stage of the Champions League, the Munich on Wednesday (21:00 clock) against Tottenham Hotspur with a record momentum for the Bundesliga pick.

"We want to get back on track with a win," said former World Champion Thomas Müller. Also coach Hansi Flick hopes for a turnaround: "The game is an important step to overturn the whole thing positive." STARTING POSITION: Bayern are determined as group winners, Tottenham is also qualified for the knockout stages. After five wins in five group matches Munich strive for the sixth victory. That did not manage a German team before. The German football championship would be the sixth overall club that would succeed. With a goal difference of 21: 4, even the best group stage is possible. So far, Real Madrid is best with 19: 2 goals in six wins. SWING: The premier class record would be nice, almost even more important is the signal for a Bundesliga catch-up. They wanted to take "this self-confidence before the gate" in the league games, said Müller. Bremen (H), Freiburg (A) and Wolfsburg (H) are the tasks at the end of the year.TORFLAUTE: Although the Munich met their defeats against Leverkusen and Mönchengladbach, but the peat factory to Robert Lewandowski left too many opportunities unused. "It's like that: If you're lucky, you have a certain quality," said Flick. But that's the other way around. The players have been made aware of some points, said the coach, but did not want to reveal any details. "We will hopefully see it on the pitch." COACH MEETING: Flick is looking forward to seeing Tottenham coach José Mourinho again. "I know him through a visit to Real Madrid, where Sami Khedira and Mesut Özil were players, and Jogi Löw and I visited him there," Löw's former assistant coach said. "I'm happy when I see colleagues, but it's about something else." The coaching meeting is more of a side note. GEGNER: His best teammate Mourinho will probably not be in the race, given the clear starting position. Young stars like Troy Parrott, Juan Foyth or Giovani Lo Celso could play. "The game is also a very good opportunity for some players to show off, we will make some changes and give players a break," said the Portuguese star coach. "It's an important game for us because we represent Tottenham." MILLIONS: Away from the sporting incentives, it's also about a lot of money. After the entry fee of 15.25 million euros, the Munich have recorded another 13.5 million in premiums this season. There are another 2.7 million for the next victory, plus a lavish sum from the so-called market pool.

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