Report on the termination affair: Saskia Esken defends itself against the ARD

              Sunday, December 15, 2019

              The accusation weighs heavily: The newly minted SPD leader Saskia Esken is said to have secretly read e-mails from an employee – this is how an ARD report describes it. The Social Democrats describe the information as "untrue and therefore illegal". A spokeswoman announces mail from the lawyer.
              The new SPD leader Saskia Esken does not want to be left alone with the report about the alleged spying on employee emails. According to information from her environment, Esken wants to legally oppose a contribution by the ARD magazine "Contrasts". The allegations made in the report in question, which relate to her time as vice-chair of the State Parents' Advisory Board of Baden-Württemberg, were incorrect. The commissioned media lawyer Christian Schertz had taken "press-legal steps for omission, revocation and counter-notification" against the broadcaster RBB after a legal examination, a SPD spokeswoman confirmed to the editorial network Germany (RND). The report was "untrue and therefore illegal", emphasized the spokeswoman. Esken had accused "Contrasts" of being involved in the unlawful dismissal of one of the parents' advisors at the time. According to the report, there are legal doubts about Esken's actions at the time. The search of the email account of the employee concerned at the office of the State Parents' Advisory Board of Baden-Württemberg is also held up to her. The employee was dismissed in May 2012 and was justified on the grounds of "disloyalty". According to ARD, the process took place only a few months after Esken was elected deputy chairman of the state parents' council. The program relied on its own research, and the report shows an email in which Esken gives the resigned office manager the choice of quitting or signing a termination agreement. Two employment lawyers interviewed by the ARD confirmed the illegality of the dismissal, it said.

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