RoboCop continued: RoboCop Returns comes to the movies

 After Neill Blomkamp quit last, it was quiet around RoboCop Returns. But now there is news about the sequel. In the meantime, a new director for RoboCop Returns has been found. Here you can learn all the new information about the cult movie sequel. As the Hollywood Reporter reports, the RoboCop sequel is slowly taking shape. According to director Abe Forsythe, a new director has been brought on board. For example, Forsythe worked on the horror comedy Little Monsters. Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner, the authors of the original RoboCop from 1987, are also at the start. The script is done by Terminator: Dark Fate author Justin Rhodes.
The next RoboCop wants to ignore all franchise entries since the first movie of 1987. This means that RoboCop Returns should be based directly on the original, so the less popular RoboCop 2 and the much less popular RoboCop 3 are ignored. A similar approach was already seen in the RoboCop television series from 1994. Whether the next attempt can really succeed, but will still have to show.
At least we expect Forsythe to stick to what Blomkamp promised: RoboCop Returns should be brutal and satirical again, closer to Paul Verhoeven's iconic original. That was rather less the case with the 2014er new edition. The latest directing works Little Monsters and Down Under prove that Forsythe rarely holds back in these two areas.
For those of you who hardly remember the iconic original, here's the summary of the plot: Policeman Alex Murphy pays a stake in his life. With modern technology, however, it is revived in a robot body. From now on, he is much more efficient and chases criminals better than ever before. But the memories of his human life leave him no peace. He must go in search of his killer to finally be able to take revenge.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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