Rock Hard – ANTI-FLAG: 'Unbreakable' video posted online


06.12.2019, 12:03

ANTI-FLAG unpack their new track 'Unbreakable' with video.

On January 17th, the punkers present their new studio album "20/20 Vision" via Spinefarm. Cooperating on the 'Unbreakable' clip with The Critics Company, a collective of young filmmakers from Nigeria, bassist / singer Chris # 2 says, "I saw them on Twitter and I thought there was nothing more in the spirit of punk Rock and the DIY mentality stand for what these kids do, and I thought I'd ask them if they wanted to do a music video, so they immediately said yes, even in the chaos, when their 100 followers grew to 10,000 in one day The video is their story, they were told that kids from Africa do not shoot movies that they need professional equipment, and feel the pressure of their families to find the things they need to survive every day. "Follow your passion." Here you can watch the video for 'Unbreakable'.


Author: Alexandra Michels

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