Rock Hard – BULLETBOYS: The reunion of the original cast is here


13.12.2019, 14:46

26 years after the last show together, the original line-up of BULLETBOYS wants to know it again: The rockers will play a gig at Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles on December 30th.

The musicians themselves cannot really grasp it yet: "I never thought that this reunion would come about – but it seems that the world has its own plan, which consists of peace, love and kindness," said guitarist Mick Sweda. Frontman Marq Torien adds: "I am completely blown away, things really get going!" After their founding in the second half of the eighties, BULLETBOYS were able to record albums such as the self-titled debut "BulletBoys" (1988) or "Freakshow" (1991 ) Celebrate success especially in the United States, while the major breakthrough of the force in Europe has so far been denied. Although the band has been more or less consistently active since then – the current album "From Out Of The Skies" was released by Frontiers last year – the show at Whiskey A Go Go is the first opportunity since 1993 to bring all the original members together at the To see the stage. At least 50 further dates are to follow.


Author: Jens Peters

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