Rock Hard – BURNING WITCHES: "Dance With The Devil" album will be released in March


11.12.2019, 19:20

The BURNING WITCHES leave on March 6, 2020 their third studio iron "Dance With The Devil" of the chain.

The third studio album of the Swiss metallers BURNING WITCHES is entitled "Dance With The Devil" and will be released on March 6, 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records on the record shelves. The recently recorded album follows the band's last week's EP "Wings Of Steel". The BURNING WITCHES comment: "Of course the third album is enormously important, but this extra pressure has really given us wings The main inspiration for "Dance With The Devil" is the notorious Walpurgis Night, the story of that medieval gathering of witches! We thought that this magical gathering on the Brocken would be the strength and the greatest Friendship within the band well illustrated, so the album title was pretty much obvious! "


Author: Simon Bauer

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