Rock Hard – EVANESCENCE: Will Hunt's Drumkit was Lighted at Knotfest Mexico


02.12.2019, 16:17

EVANESCENCE drummer Will Hunt is vainly annoyed by some frustrated festivalgoers at Knotfest Mexico, who lit his drums after a show cancellation.

Since the barrier in front of the stage was damaged in the course of the festival and could not be repaired in time, the performances of SLIPKNOT and EVANESCENE had to be canceled for safety reasons. Some attendees had little understanding and stormed the stage angrily, destroying equipment and lighting Hunt's drum kit. On his Instagram account, the drummer shared some videos of the vandalism act and commented, "There are a lot of questions here. First of all, everyone is fine, we love Mexico, and the fans in general are unbelievably great This was a small group of idiots and they WILL NOT affect my love for the Mexican people or our fans in Mexico. "Although his drums were on fire, the musician put on a certain gallows humor and remarked," If you already infected my beautiful Pearl Drumkit, which means so much, at least roast meat or marshmallows over the fire !! Damn lahmarschige pussy-amateurs !! "


Author: Alexandra Michels

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