Rock Hard – IRON MAIDEN: Band will be home shirt sponsor of West Ham United


29.11.2019, 13:26

IRON MAIDEN's lettering will now grace the new home shirts of British football club West Ham United.

True to the motto 'The With Your Boots On', the London football club and the metal band have teamed up with West Ham fan Steve Harris (b.). Harris has been an avowed supporter of the club since 1965 and has even immortalized the logo of the club on his bass. He remembers a key moment in his childhood: "I watched the game of West Ham versus Newcastle when I was nine and my buddy was 10. We took the bus and drove to the game, and they won 4: 3, and I was infected! When I'm on stage and playing, I see fans in the audience wear West Ham stuff, and I get goose bumps. "Tracey Stratton, license manager at West Ham United, also became Speaking of the relationship between IRON MAIDEN and the club: "One weekend last summer, our club shop was overrun by rock fans from all over the world, and we realized that IRON MAIDEN played two sold-out shows in O2 To start this collaboration, and with Steve's passion for and attention to detail, it was fantastic! "At this point you can order the jerseys, shorts and football socks.


Author: Alexandra Michels

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