Rock Hard – SOLSTICE: H. Thorne confirmed as new singer


02.12.2019, 10:57

After a long time, SOLSTICE have found a new cast for the mic: former CHALICE singer H. Thorne is now part of the band.

In April, the Doom metallers announced the breakup with their frontman Paul Kearns and subsequently sought a new frontman or front woman. Already in October, the band announced that they had made a find, but kept the identity of the new entry for the time being for themselves. But now SOLSTICE officially announces their singer: "Attention! Attention! Attenzione! After months of inactivity we are pleased to introduce our new solid singer H. Thorne, some of you may already know her as the former CHALICE singer and songwriter , one of the best bands of the last ten years, coming from our home country (England – am) Let's say this: As the band has grown, it is important to say that SOLSTICE is not just an exclusive "Exclusively Men" bastion And this idea does not exclude women, and it would also be ludicrous not to acknowledge Tom (WHILE HEAVEN WEPT), Scott (CIANIDE), and Felipe (PROCESSION), all of us at this time As a consequence we have the audition tapes with the help of the wisdom and technical abilities of Mr. Richard Whittaker Frontwoman on our Bandcamp site as "White Thane". They can be downloaded free of charge or for a donation. You are not forced to do anything else. Finally, it should be said that this decision had to be made by us. She was met neither cynically nor with greedy ulterior motives. She was hit because she worked hard and shares our vision. The future is ours!"


Author: Alexandra Michels

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