Rock Hard – SONS OF APOLLO: Fall To Ascend video released


16.12.2019, 11:39

With 'Fall To Ascend' SONS OF APOLLO are already releasing the second single from the upcoming record "MMXX".

The supergroup around Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan and Co. will release their new longplayer on January 17, 2020 via InsideOut Music. "Stylistically we follow the same path as on our debut", Portnoy reveals about "MMXX". "But we think it has gotten stronger simply because we now know each other much better. Now we can draw on the experience of having already recorded an album with each other and going on tour. The chemistry between us is now much more obvious "The" MMXX "tracklist: 1. Goodbye Divinity (7:16) 2. Wither To Black (4:48) 3. Asphyxiation (5:09) 4. Desolate July (6:11) 5. King Of Delusion (8:49) 6. Fall To Ascend (5:07) 7. Resurrection Day (5:51) 8. New World Today (16:38)


Author: Alexandra Michels

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