Rock Hard – SOUNDGARDEN: widow of Chris Cornell sues the band

Vicky Cornell has taken legal action against the remaining members of SOUNDGARDEN. The widow of the late Chris Cornell is legally acting against her view of "hundreds of thousands of dollars" of withheld royalties and the rights to seven unpublished recordings.

As the tabloid website TMZ and the Rolling Stone report, the widow of the late SOUNDGARDEN frontman Chris Cornell initiates legal action against the remaining members of the band. Two years after her husband's death, Vicky Cornell fights for the rights to seven unpublished recordings and "hundreds of thousands of dollars" royalties that Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd claim were withheld Chris Cornell has been authorized "to include the singer's own vocal recordings and have been bequeathed to Vicky Cornell and her children. The lawsuit states that there was no explicit consent on the part of Cornells that SOUNDGARDEN may use the songs. Furthermore, the widow claims that she would have offered Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd to share the recordings with the band if a release was realized to their husband's wishes and Chris Cornell's producer was consulted. However, the band refused to do so. SOUNDGARDEN themselves expressed their point of view in a lawyer's letter to the widow of Chris Cornell: "Any musical content (instrumental and / or vocals, demos or raw material) recorded on the hard disk of any or all All members of SOUNDGARDEN (including all recordings that were solely intended for Chris Cornell and SOUNDGARDEN) are SOUNDGARDEN's partnership property. "However, according to Vicky Cornell's complaint, the band" did not submit any partnership documents, let alone one from Chris a signed document that would support their willful claims of property. " Furthermore, there is no evidence that the unpublished recordings were ever intended to be anything but Chris Cornell's sole and exclusive property. "In a long statement, Vicky Cornell also commented on Instagram on Instagram.

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Author: Simon Bauer

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