Rock Hard – TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA: 'Hey, Can You Hear Me Now?' – Live clip is online


23.12.2019, 10:38

TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA played the previously unpublished track 'Hey, Can You Hear Me Now?' In Newark, New Jersey on December 21.

The song was originally written 35 years ago by Paul O'Neill, who died in 2017. The band members rediscovered the piece on a cassette, as guitarist Chris Caffery told the audience: "We were in the studio in the summer and listened to a tape that we found in a box. And on that tape was a song that Paul 35 years ago wrote and recorded. It's a beautiful song – just Paul singing and playing acoustic guitar. It was like speaking to us again and reminding us of the value of the word 'time' and we will get this song now play for you for the first time. It's called "Hey, Can You Hear Me Now?" and Boss, I hear you loud and clear. "


Author: Alexandra Michels

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