Scandinavia's hidden paradises in TV documentary

 The Nordic countries impress with their magnificent nature. Representing "Scandinavia's hidden paradises" in the documentary by Anja Kindler and Iris Gesang on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, 10.15 p.m., four regions are presented on ZDF: Swedish Lapland, the Finnish Saimaa Lake District, the Hallingskarvet high plateau in Norway and Gotska Sandön, a small Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. The film will be available in the ZDFmediathek from Tuesday, December 17, 2019, 10.15 p.m.
With three to four hundred thousand specimens, Sweden has the highest density of moose worldwide. High up in the north, in Swedish Lapland, scientists mark individual moose with GPS collars to learn more about their migratory behavior.
In Finland, near the Russian border, there is an almost endless Saimaa Lake District, home to one of the rarest seal species in the world. Extreme hunting in the middle of the last century almost wiped out the Saimaa ringed seal. There are only 380 specimens left in the entire Saimaa lake area.
The fjords and mountains characterize the landscape in the west of the Scandinavian peninsula. Arctic foxes live on the Norwegian high plateau Hallingskarvet. Because of their fur, they were almost eradicated in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Since 2010, the Norwegian government has been resettling the arctic foxes in their original habitats with a breeding and release program.
Gotska Sandön is one of the most remote places in the southern island kingdom of the Baltic Sea. A paradise for birds and gray seals, the seclusion of which was once valued by pirates and seal hunters, according to the legend. As part of an expedition, scientists are looking for traces of settlement from past times.

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