Slovakia: Unknowns devastate Jewish cemetery

Wednesday, December 18, 2019
9:05 a.m.

At the Jewish cemetery in Namestovo, Slovakia, 59 gravestones have been knocked over and partly smashed. This was announced by the chairman of an association that has been taking care of graves for years.


According to the police, the desecration of the cemetery in the Orava region bordering Poland was discovered on Monday. However, the destruction could have happened days before, it was said. The cemetery is no longer used actively, but is preserved as a place of remembrance of the former Jewish community. The plant had been carefully restored in the past.

It is unclear whether there is an anti-Semitic motive or whether it is vandalism without a political background. The local newspaper of the Orava region, "My Orava", published photos of the destruction. There were no swastikas or other clearly anti-Semitic indications. In any case, this is a "barbaric act," the administrator of another Jewish cemetery in the Orava region told the local newspaper.

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