Stars Wars: Another series allegedly already shot

 The Disney Plus series The Mandalorian attracts positive criticism from many fans. But this is just one of many series that are supposed to take place in the distant galaxy. Another Star Wars series is said to have already been completed and has so far remained secret. Here's what we know about the rumor: Star Wars 9: Skywalker's Rise is supposed to end the new trilogy with a grand finale. The future of the franchise is already well secured. Apparently this is particularly in the series range. The Mandalorian is already running and an Obi-Wan Kenobi series and a Cassian Andor series are already being worked on.
And apparently we are expecting another series about which we have so far been silent. Jason Ward is known for his reliable information about the Star Wars universe. He has already made a name for himself on the website. So it is at least worth listening to a little more closely.
In an interview with Inverse, Ward promises that the mysterious series will be particularly exciting for comic readers. If you believe Ward, the lice action offshoot has already been turned off. Who it is supposed to be about is also said to be certain: Doctor Aphra. A full comic book series has already been dedicated to this character. It is still unknown, however, whether the filming should revolve around exactly this phase of Doctor Aphra's life. It is also a series that results from the cooperation between Lucasfilm and Marvel.
Doctor Aphra is an expert who is versed in many areas. She is well informed, especially when it comes to ancient weapons and Jedi artifacts. In the comics, she works in part with Darth Vader. This makes Doctor Aphra an important part of the Darth Vader comic series. At this point, it is still unclear whether and when the series adaptation will finally appear. Until then, The Mandalorian will provide a lot of replenishment from the sci-fi universe. If you want to know more about the Mandalorians, click now in our video player below this text.

Source: Inverse

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