Starzplay: New Films and Series in January 2020

 Many new things in January at Starzplay. Here in the overview you can see which series and films are new for you on offer. We have the trailers in the video playlist directly below this text. NEW SERIES
THE CAPTURE – JANUARY 2: Soldier Shaun Emery is charged with allegedly murdering a defenseless prisoner of war. The videos from the battlefield turn out to be flawed, and Emery returns to life as a free man with his little daughter. But as incriminating surveillance material from one night in London comes to light, his life takes a shocking turn – and he has to fight again for his freedom. Investigator Rachel Carey is being investigated to investigate Shaun's case, and she quickly realizes that truth can be a matter of perspective: should she trust Shaun Emery?
RAMY – DECEMBER 12: Ramy Hassan is an Egyptian-born first generation spiritual explorer, witnessing the political split in his neighborhood in New Jersey. Ramy opens up a new perspective on the challenge of sitting between the chairs: on the one hand, the Muslim community, which experiences earthly life as a moral test – on the other hand, the generation of millennials, who live carefree and without fear of consequences. Ramy runs on Starzplay from mid-December.
DUBLIN MURDERS – AVAILABLE NOW: Dublin Murders is an eight-part mystery series that delves deep into Ireland's past, foreshadowing the present and providing insights into its future.
THE FEED – NOW AVAILABLE: The Feed is set in a world that may have gone a bit too far technologically. Every thought and feeling is now uploaded and processed by the ever-present feed, so everyone is intimately connected. Almost everyone at least.
PENNYWORTH – NOW AVAILABLE: The Pennyworth DC-based series is about Alfred Pennyworth, a former British SAS soldier in his 20s, who founded a security firm in London in the 1960s and then collaborated with young billionaire Thomas Wayne.
DE DAG – SOON AVAILABLE: In a small town in Belgium, there is a bank robbery with hostage taking. Over a period of 24 hours, the situation is described alternately from the perspective of police and perpetrators.
A TICKET FOR TWO – AVAILABLE NOW: A man desperately tries to get home to his family in time for Thanksgiving – with an obnoxious fool, his own shower curtain ring, as his only companion.
THE HIGHLY THREE KINGS – NOW AVAILABLE: On Christmas Eve, three longtime friends spend the night in New York City searching for the Holy Grail of Christmas.
PAIN & GAIN – NOW AVAILABLE: A trio of bodybuilders in Florida ends up in a blackmail ring and gets involved in a kidnapping that goes terribly wrong …

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