Stranger Things Season 4: Fan Lover Returns

 For a long time, the makers of Stranger Things held back when it came to new details for Season 4. Now they both seem to have babbled on Twitter. A tweet now indicated that a fan favorite should return in the next season. Here you can find out who it is. We'll have to wait a while before we see the new episodes of Stranger Things. However, some details are already known. In the first teaser for season 4 was for example allegedly on the survival of Sheriff Jim Hopper indicated. An accidental tweet could now confirm the return of another fan favorite. Bloody Disgusting revealed which character is being talked about.
The writers of the Netflix series answered all sorts of questions from viewers via Twitter in a question and answer session. For example, one of the fans wanted to know what their favorite quote from newcomer Robin (Maya Hawke) was. They replied that they could not reveal that because it will happen in season four. This assumes that Robin will be back in Season 4 of the game.
The makers apparently want to hide something. Especially suspicious is that the tweet was immediately removed from the Internet. Anyway, we could have assumed that Robin will continue to be part of the series anyway. If she's actually there, her role will probably be comparatively small, as in Season 3. For while Elfie and Co. go on a journey, Robin gets a job in a video store.
In addition to the possible return of Hopper and Robin, the cast is to be extended by four more characters. When Netflix releases Season 4 of Stranger Things is still unclear. But it will take many more months because shooting will start in January 2020. The first trailer for season 4 can now be found in our video player under this text.
Source: Bloody Disgusting

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