Suits Deposed: Season 10 Will Never Be

 The lawyer series Suits runs since 2011 and is with nine seasons one of the most successful drama series ever. Nevertheless, the series now ends after nine seasons. In an interview, series creator Aaron Korsh revealed the reason for the decision. Suits is about the lawyers in a law firm who get to know each other in unusual circumstances. Top lawyer Harvey Specter is looking for an assistant attorney for his new position in a law firm. However, when the dropout, Mike Ross, by mistake, gets into a job interview, Harvey wants to hire him immediately. Since Mike does not have a college degree, the two lie and claim that he was at Harvard University. It begins a long story about friendship, intrigue and of course complicated cases of the firm.
With 134 episodes in nine seasons Suits is one of the longest drama series that are currently broadcast. Unfortunately, the series will end after the ninth season ends. This has been known for some time. As series creator and showrunner Aaron Korsh revealed in an interview in January 2019, the decision to end suits after ninth season was taken a long time ago.
So he decided right after completing the shooting for the sixth season, the series still miss three more seasons and then stop. Reason, among other things, the contracts of the actors who ran out after the seventh season. There were new contracts for two more seasons closed, but the stars of the series, Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle left the series in the seventh season.
But fans still have the ninth season in front of them. This was broadcast in July 2019 in the United States, but not yet synchronized in German. The first seven seasons can be found in Germany via Maxdome and Netflix. Even if you want to see more from the world of suits after nine seasons, you can look forward to it.
The series also spawned a spin-off. The Pearson series is about lawyer Jessica Pearson and her rise to become lawyer to the mayor of Chicago. Unfortunately, the spin-off was discontinued due to lack of interest after a season.
Source: Deadline

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