Supertalent 2019: will a dog win again? – Final on Saturday

 A dog has already won three times in "Das Supertalent", and this time too, a dog is in the final. Acrobat Christian Stoinev (27) from Las Vegas performs with Chihuahau Percy. They received the Golden Buzzer from Dieter Bohlen and are therefore among the 12 best acts that will fight for the title and 100,000 euros on December 21, 2019, from 8:15 p.m.
In addition: Nina Richel, singer from Hildesheim, art whistler Jürgen Kern from Haslach, eight-year-old dancer Mirko from Italy or various acrobats. In the final, only the spectators are in charge and choose “Das Supertalent 2019” with their phone calls.
A total of 7 talents sent Dieter Bohlen, Bruce Darnell and Sarah Lombardi directly to the finals with the Golden Buzzer during the casting shows. The artist Ameli Bilyk from Kiev, who was unable to attend last year, was already a finalist. The other applicants who convinced the jury in the castings received a "super talent star" and thus the chance to be shortlisted for the final. At the end of the last casting show last Saturday, Dieter Bohlen, Bruce Darnell and Sarah Lombardi selected from these 4 other talents who were allowed to move into the big live final:
Jürgen Kern (53), art whistle from Haslach, who inspired the jury with his whistled version of "You raise me up" when he first appeared, and for whom Dieter Bohlen even climbed onto the jury panel.
Chayne Hultgren (42), performance artist from Australia, who convinced with his daring stunt with four high-performance arches.
Miki Dark, illusionist from the Netherlands, who probably gave Sarah Lombardi the thrill of the season with his knife throws.
Yumbo Dump, comedians from Japan who ensured a good mood with the jury and audience with their body sounds.
In the final you will meet:
The 14-year-old artist Ameli Bilyk from Kiev was catapulted into the finale by Dieter Bohlen's Golden Buzzer last year. But shortly before the final, Ameli broke her arm and could not compete. But Dieter Bohlen promised her a permanent place in the finale of "Das Supertalent 2019".
Dieter Bohlen pressed the golden buzzer for the 9-year-old singer Georgia Balke from Bremerhaven and thus promoted her directly to the final. The student, who was on stage for the first time, sang the radio head song "Creep" in the version by Haley Reinhart. Dieter Bohlen: "You have a real blues, soul tube" and "I haven't seen anything like this in quality in all the seasons before and I thought it was good. It touched me very much, it surprised me. "
Dieter Bohlen's second Golden Buzzer was given to 27-year-old acrobat Christian Stoinev from Las Vegas, who performed with his Chihuahua Percy. For her extraordinary performance with a handstand on just one finger, ball acrobatics by the owner and the dog – he got yes three times. And Dieter pressed the golden buzzer: "That was really mega!"
Sarah Lombardi pressed the golden buzzer for the singer Nina Richel (26) from Hildesheim. Nina came in 2011 with Sarah and Pietro Lombardi among the top 10 candidates for "Germany is looking for the superstar". But Nina had to quit for health reasons. Sarah, who had dropped out in the first theme show, moved up for her and ended up second behind Pietro. "For me you have always been a gifted singer. You gave me this chance at the time and I want to give you this chance now, ”Sarah Lombardi explained her choice.
Sarah Lombardi also pressed the golden buzzer for the little dancer Mirko Casella (8) from Italy. Her conclusion: “I just thought it was sweet as sugar, then he was Italian too. He was a little cute boy, in which you can always see your own son. ”
Bruce Darnell hit the golden buzzer for acrobats Stuart McKenzie (36) and his partner Angela Kim (37) from New York. The gymnast and the professional ice skater convinced with “air skating”, a combination of aerial acrobatics and roller skating. Bruce Darnell was blown away: “I just had to press the golden buzzer, it was magical. It was elegant and, above all, something new. And that's what we're looking for. Simply mega. "
There was also a Golden Buzzer by Bruce Darnell for the De Facto Quartet from Prague. The four musicians convinced with modern hits in their version for violin and cello. "I'm very, very happy about it. And I can only hope that they will make a really big show at the finale, ”said Bruce Darnell.
Bruce Darnell and Dieter Bohlen were so convinced of pole acrobat Dima Shine (34) from the USA that they awarded a joint golden buzzer. Dieter Bohlen explained: "There is only one word for it, and the word is 'perfect'. You can't do it any better. ”

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