The Flash cinema release: The red flash of DC has an appointment

 It took many years and now DC finally has good news for all fans: The long-awaited film The Flash has got an official theatrical release. The announcement came after Joker's mega success. We'll tell you when we'll see DC's red flash flash across the screen. In recent months there have been rumors of when The Flash may appear. After a long wait, the DC strip has finally received an official date. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, among others, the superhero, played by Ezra Miller (Justice League), will start on July 1, 2022. We expect a German launch to follow very soon. However, it turned out that the new blockbuster will bring some major changes.
After all, the DC Extended Universe needs to be taken in a new direction. The old DCEU no longer exists in this form. The days of closely related film series are over for DC owner Warner. Instead, we are expecting several independent individual projects in the future. The start was made by Todd Phillips Joker billion dollar success with Joaquin Phoenix in the leading role.
Many rumors claim that filmmaker Andy Muschietti (ES series) could direct The Flash. So there is more and more evidence that the new DC strip is really getting going. The theatrical release chosen by Warner would definitely make sense. In 2022, The Flash would run in summer, while Aquaman 2 (release date: December 16) would take the place in winter. For now, we can look forward to Birds Of Prey: The Emancipation Of Harley Quinn. The film runs in the cinemas on February 6th and shows us Margot Robbie back in her role as a psychopathic clown lady.
Are you looking forward to the new DC film The Flash? In our video player you can now find the best scenes from The Flash (Ezra Miller) from Justice League. Just click in to start the video.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter

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