THW Kiel wins handball thriller after hall evacuation

Even a fire alarm with subsequent hall evacuation did not stop last year's winner THW Kiel en route to the final Four for the DHB Cup German handball record champions sat down in the quarterfinals at the TVB Stuttgart after a 45-minute break with 35:34 (18:15) and thus reached again the final tournament on 4/5. April 2020 in Hamburg.

Previously, MT Melsungen and TBV Lemgo Lippe were the first teams to qualify for the semi-final round. Melsungen held on to the Füchse Berlin with 33:30 (14:16), Lemgo retained in the owls Ludwigshafen with 26:23 (12: 9) the upper hand. The last semi-finalists determine on Wednesday the Rhein-Neckar Löwen and the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf.Kiel had met in the 37th minute just to 22:19 when the alarm in the Scharrena apparently started because of a technical defect. Like the spectators, both teams had to leave the hall. For a similar incident, it had already come on 10 October in the Bundesliga match Stuttgart against Lemgo.Nach the break caught the THW, who had his best thrower in Niclas Ekberg (10 goals), the better restart and drew on six goals. Although Stuttgart approached again, but could not make the turnaround, so that the Kiel in the coming year for their twelfth Cup triumph griff.Zumum for the fourth time since 1996, 2013 and 2014, the MT Melsungen in Hamburg. Only five days after the clear Bundesliga defeat in Berlin, the Northern Hessians were against the foxes from the beginning in the pursuit role, but did not let the guests pull away. A quarter of an hour before the end of the game, national player Tobias Reichmann gave the home side a 23:22 lead, defended until the end. Best pitchers at Melsungen were Julius Kühn with nine goals and Lasse Mikkelsen (7). Hans Lindberg met twelve times for Berlin.MT MELSUNGEN – Füchse Berlin 33:30 (14:16). – Goals: Kühn (9), Häfner (7), Mikkelsen (7/2), Schneider (3), Reichmann (3), Maric (2), Kunkel (1), Salger (1) for Melsungen – Lindberg (12 / 5), Holm (5), Matthes (4), Drux (4), Marsenic (2), Koch (1), Müller (1), Simak (1) for Berlin. – Viewers: 4168 The Owls Ludwigshafen – TBV LEMGO LIP 23:26 (9:12). – Goals: Falk (8), Müller (7), Remmlinger (3), Stüber (2), Dietrich (1), Mappes (1), Neuhaus (1/1) for Ludwigshafen – Theuerkauf (6/2), Cederholm (5), Theuerkauf (5/4), Elisson (3), Kogut (3), Klimek (2), Carlsbogard (1), Guardiola (1) for Lemgo. – Viewers: 2350 TVB Stuttgart – THW KIEL 34:35 (15:18). – Goals: Schmidt (7), Zieker (6/3), White (5), Lonn (4), Späth (3), Peshevski (3), Häfner (3), Faluvegi (1), Röthlisberger (1), Wieling (1) for Stuttgart – Ekberg (10/7), Bilyk (6), Reinkind (4), Jacobsen (3), Dahmke (3), Pekeler (3), Wiencek (2), Zarabec (2), Nilsson (1), Rahmel (1) for Kiel. – Spectators: 2095

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