Two friends had survived: found dead body after car breakdown in the Outback

              Wednesday, 4 December 2019

              Three friends take a tour of the Australian Outback, but their car gets stuck in a riverbed. Two people are then found alive – after days of searching the police but now on the body of a woman. It is probably the third person.
              After a day-long search, the Australian police have now found the body of 46-year-old Claire Hockridge, who had been missing after a car breakdown. Her two friends had miraculously survived the Outback breakdown. The Northern Territory police said a body had been found in search of the woman. It is probably the missing Australian, the identification of the body is not yet completed, they said. Hockridge and two friends and a dog were traveling around Alice Springs on November 19 as they got stuck in the middle of the hot and dry outback of their off-road vehicle in the Finke River bed. After three days the group had tried, her Freeing up the vehicle, she set off in search of rescue. 52-year-old Tamra McBeath-Riley was found less than two kilometers from helicopter-stricken car on Sunday. On Tuesday, a rancher also discovered the 40-year-old Phu Tran. He was "slightly disoriented," according to police, but overall in "good shape". McBeath-Riley told ABC that after the car crash, she and her two friends first ate biscuits and drank vodka drinks and water from a cattle waterhole. Until they parted, the friends sought refuge in a water hole under their car because of the heat. Tran and Hockridge had started together, but two days before finding it, he had left them behind.

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