US Democrats Set Legal Groundwork for Trump Impeachment

Sunday, 08.12.2019
00:44 clock

The US Democrats continue to prepare for the possible impeachment of Donald Trump. The Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee have submitted a report on the constitutional basis for a possible impeachment of the President. "An impeachment is the final response of the constitution to a president who considers himself a monarch," it states.


The panel published the 52-page report on Saturday. It outlines the general legal and historical implications of an impeachment trial, including details of the offenses that are relevant, such as bribery or abuse of office. Similar reports had been submitted in previous impeachment investigations.

Democrats in the US House of Representatives accuse Trump of pressuring his Ukrainian colleague Volodymyr Selenskyj to investigate his political rival Joe Biden. They accuse him abuse of office and drive forward for weeks investigations for a possible impeachment trial against Trump.

  The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, had announced the next important step on Thursday and formally called on the Judiciary Committee to design charges against Trump. This is a prerequisite for a later vote in the plenary session of the House of Representatives on a possible impeachment. The real decision in such a case, however, ultimately falls in the US Senate, where Trump's Republicans have the majority.

The Judiciary Committee first heard constitutional lawyers on the case on Wednesday. Several law professors accused Trump of offenses that they considered would justify impeachment. On Monday, the panel meets for its next meeting and then listens, inter alia, to representatives of the Intelligence Committee. Representatives of both parties should present evidence from the preliminary investigations into possible impeachment proceedings.

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