US officer candidates show racist hand signals at football game

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019
02:45 a.m.

The hand movement has now firmly established itself in racist groups. Now cadets from the US Military Academy West Point have used a hand signal from the racist white power movement in a nationwide American football game. The famous military academy therefore announced an investigation against the officer candidates on Monday.


The aim was to train strong leaders who embodied the values ​​of the army, it said in a message. If the allegations were confirmed, the young men would be held responsible.

The incident at an American football game between US Army and Navy athletes, which also included President Donald Trump, had caused a sensation in the U.S. this weekend: at least two West Point cadets and one naval officer showed with their hands downward okay sign as used by racist groups.

  They were easy to see because they were behind a commentator of the sports channel ESPN for the program "College Game Day" during the live broadcast. The Annapolis Naval Academy also announced an investigation.

Racist groups have appropriated the okay hand signal in recent years, with the thumb and index finger forming a circle and the other three fingers pointing up. They mostly use it facing downwards and at waist level. It is now also being shown by supporters of President Trump – among other things to provoke supporters of the opposition Democrats.

  The Christchurch racist attacker, who killed 51 people in attacks on two mosques in March, showed it in court when it first appeared.

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